Frequently Asked Questions

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What time will Santa call?

Santa will call at the time and date selected by you, please allow 15 minutes either side of your selected time, as Santa can be very busy.

Why do the prices vary for different times and Countries?

Santa may have to stay up all night making calls to different time zones and Santa’s little helpers cost more at these times. Cost of production can vary in different countries and at different time of day.

How long will calls last?

Live video calls and live phone calls are approximately 3 minutes long and pre-recorded calls will last about 90 seconds.

How do I book and what information will I have to give?

Select: Live Video Call or Live phone call

Select: Choose your time zone – Select an available date – Select an available time –

Select: enter your billing details – here you can choose Pay Pal or Credit to make your payment-

Once you have done this you will be asked to the supply details of the person who will receive the call.

That’s it leave the rest to Santa and the Elves.

What happens to my personal information?

Your information is not shared or given to any one. It is used solely by to provide you with a quality service and to keep you updated with events and developments of

Which telephone will I need?

We will call any phone including Landlines, Mobile phones, FaceTime, Watsapp and Skype.

What is Skype?

Skype uses VoIP  (voice over internet protocol). It is a system used by computer users to talk to each other using their PC with the ability to see each other on screen.

How do I get Skype enabled?

To avail of video calls you must have a broadband connected PC with a Skype account (its free). Modern computers have in built cameras and microphones. With older computers you may also need a VoIP phone or headset with microphone. These are available at most PC outlets.

If your PC has a built in web cam and microphone you do not need the headset or VoIP phone.

You can download Skype on to your PC.  We have provided links to Skype on our site

These are free to download and free to use PC to PC. When Santa calls you from his PC you will see him. If you have a web cam on your PC you have the option to allow Santa to see you.

What will Santa say?

Santa’s live video call and live phone calls are interactive. Santa will be prepared with the information you have provided and will talk about the elves and reindeers and the preparations being made for the big day.

Can my other children share a call from Santa?

Yes on live video Santa appears on screen and will address as many children as you wish. You must remember though, the more children included the less time he will have with each and your Santa call will be less personalised. Santa will mention the first three names in your booking.

Can Hospitals & orphanages have a free call?

Yes to avail of a free group call you must request this well in advance, as there will be limited availability.

What language does Santa use?

At present Santa uses English but very soon we hope to include many other languages.

Is it safe for my children using the Internet?

Yes it is safe. You won’t want to miss this magic moment. Your child receives the call at the time you have selected. You must be available at that time with your PC and child ready to accept the call. This puts you in total control and you can guide the conversation if you so wish.

Can my child contact Santa and cost me money?

No it is not possible to contact Santa by phone, text or Internet.

Can I give a call as a gift to a relative or friend?

Yes, but you must let his/her guardian know the time and date you have booked so the child is available to take the call.

Santa Claus video message

We provide a live call from Santa not a Santa Claus video message so you can be sure you are talking to the real Santa, ask him questions,

Talk to Santa Claus live

  tell him your story and interact with the big man himself.

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